Hawaii Co-Co Soap - Coconut & Orchid


Simply BlissD Soaps have natural ingredients that helps nourish and hydrate sensitive or dry skin. Hand made & cold process. With organic coconut oil and 100% therapeutic essential oils you will have a nice lather & it smells great...BONUS!

***Cold process soap made with several oils with different benefits to your skin

+Organic Coconut Oil - highly cleansing and moisturizing.
+Shea Butter - anti-inflammatory & anti fungal.
+Castor Oil - promotes overall skin health, prevents wrinkles & creates nice lather.
+Soybean Oil - rich in vitamin E and helps to strengthen skins moisture barrier.

Scent -

Hawaii Co-Co - Intense tropical and flowery notes. Scented with Coconut & Orchid.

Weight - approx 4oz

Soaps may contain natural additives such as Rose Petals, Lavender Buds or other floral elements.

Each package is shipped with a label as well as ingredients on each soap.

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