Relax & Unwind - Spa Products made in Tulsa, OK

Welcome to Simply BlissD Bath! I am so glad you found my Okla-HOME-a shop amongst the busy world of Big-Box sellers. Our wholesome community is founded on the notion that high quality bath products should be accessible to the everyday family, and trusted to be safe for ALL ages. 
Here's a bit on how and why Simply BlissD came into fruition. My daughter, from an early age, suffered from Eczema. When researching why, I was surprised to find many articles referencing the toxicity levels of everyday body products, from soaps and lotions to detergents. Did you know this?! I sure didn't! But Nana always said, "when you know better, you do better." So from then on, I made it my mission to intentionally replace what I was using, for products I could TRUST...which was difficult to find at an affordable cost. Thats when I decided to create my own, and made the process fun with the help of my daughter, using simple, everyday ingredients. Sure enough, it worked! Her eczema is a thing of the past, and we are now eager to share what we have created with you. 

May you always be Simply BlissD
XO Samantha 

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