Blossom Bath Bomb - Cherry Blossom


Simply BlissD Bath Products has ingredients in each bomb that creates a silky, heavenly bath & calming aroma. With an assortment of scents to choose from you are sure to find the perfect bomb for you!
Each round bomb is individually wrapped and labeled & impeccably packaged with love.

Just fill your tub with warm water, drop the bath bomb in & lay back to enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating bath.


Blossom Bath Bomb - Floral scent with strong notes of plum, apple & pear. Scented with Cherry Blossom.

Weight: 3.5 oz
Dimensions: 2.6 in

Bombs may contain natural additives such as: Lavender Buds, Dried Lemon Slices, Rose Petals and other Floral Elements.

-- Strain Dried Flowers out of tub before you drain water as it may clog --

Each package is shipped with a list of ingredients as well as labels for each bomb.

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I gave this as a gift to my friend. It is her first real nice bath bomb. She loved it!

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