Self Care Spa Gift Box


SELF CARE SPA GIFT BOX** Choose between a number of sayings or create your own by choosing 'Personalize'. Gift Set Includes:

* Rose Cardamom Bath Salts
* 8oz Candle - Scent - Rose
* Spa Headband - Adjustable-Velcro
* Herbal Facial Steam
(Gift wrap available for an additional $1.00-Includes gift bag, confetti & personalized note on cardstock).

~~~If you would like to switch scents in any product message me and I will let you know what I have available!

Rose Cardamom Bath Salts - 115mL
Scent - Rose Cardamom - with Rose, Lavender & Rosemary essential oils. Dried Rosemary, lavender buds & rose petals.

8oz Candle - Scent -
Rose Prick - with Rose essential oil & Carnelian Crystals for healing.

Spa Headband - Adjustable with Velcro. Light Tan Color.

Herbal Facial Steam -
Good for one use, great for unclogging pores and releasing toxins. Get a Spa-like feeling while staying in the comfort of your own home!
Made with dried flowers such as, Rosebuds, Lilies, Osmanthus, Jasmine, Marigold & Lavender. An added touch of Lavender Essential Oil for calming purposes.

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