Oat and Honey Soap


Simply BlissD Soaps have natural ingredients that helps nourish and hydrate sensitive or dry skin. Handcrafted and poured in small batches. With goats milk and 100% therapeutic essential oils you will have a nice lather & it smells great...BONUS!

Scent - Oat & Honey with a touch of Lavender

This handmade all natural soap is good for all skin types, especially sensitive and dry skin.
* The Raw Honey is helpful for eczema or dry skin, and helps the bacteria on your skin.
* Finely ground Oats help to exfoliate and scrub away dirt.
* Lavender Essential Oil has anti fungal properties that reduce inflammation and can help with eczema. It also can lessen redness and irritation.

Weight - approx 4oz

Soaps may contain natural additives such as Rose Petals, Lavender Buds or other floral elements.

Each package is shipped with a label as well as ingredients on each soap.

Reviews (2)


I ordered from this shop & I will again probably. Love the soap, I have what looks like eczema on my face & in between my breats that keeps spreading & it's always so dry all the time that I have to always keep some sort of product on it otherwise it cracks when i open my mouth & i hate it. I looked into it myself & thought it couldddd be eczema, so I becided to buy a couple things off etsy & this was one of them. I used it on my face & body for the 1st time & I didnt use any other cleanser or exfoliater. My skin felt so much better just after one use. Not saying it cured whatever is going on with my skin, but it sure as heck made a difference. My skin was soft, buttery, smooth & I didnt mind the smell (not the biggest fan of goats milk lol). Overall, I recommend & will continue to use it!­čśŐ

Absolutely wonderful. My mother in law loved it. Planning to buy more for my mom and myself. Fast shipping and great product.

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