Mens Beard Oil - 1fl oz


Mens 1fl oz Beard Oil - Made to help hydrate and soften beards and minimize dandruff or itchiness by using the perfect blend of oils.

How to Use - Massage a few drops into your beard hair & roots. Apply daily to keep your beard feeling healthy and soft.

Scents to choose from -

Cedar Leather - Classic masculine scent that is woodsy and brings an aromatic earthy fragrance.

Musk & Fresh Linen - Fresh out of the shower clean scent that creates an airy and brightening fragrance.

Suit & Tie - Captures the freshness of aquatic land. Very clean & masculine.

Cuban Tobacco - Amber, cherry, spices & cloves bring this scent to be the ultimate masculine mix.

Weight - 1fl oz

Each package is shipped with a label as well as ingredients on each oil.

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