Shimmer Body Oil - Lavender Vanilla


Shimmer Lavender Vanilla Body Oil 1fl Oz. This body oil not only contains a beautiful, very light shimmer, but also mixes grape seed oil and sweet almond oil for an incredibly moisturizing yet light product that helps with dry skin while building, protecting and improving skin tone.

**Grape Seed oil is full of Vitamin E which is known for its anti-aging benefits.
**Sweet Almond Oil is known to help prevent stretch marks and sun damage.

How to Use - Shake the bottle for 5 seconds to properly mix mica shimmer with oils. Use as much as desired to your body and gently rub into skin. Let oils soak into your skin for a moisturizing, light shimmer glow. Recommended to use after shower when skin is damp.

Scent - Lavender Vanilla - An aromatic blend of soothing lavender and calming vanilla.

Weight - 1fl oz

Each package is shipped with a label as well as ingredients on each oil.

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